The CALM Commitment

At CALM we believe it’s our personal responsibility to help protect and maintain our planet, which is why we support sustainable manufacturing methods, from ethical factories. Since launching in 2010, we have vowed as a business to continually evaluate and improve our sustainability and traceability.

We know the journey and life cycle of each and every one of our garments - where they are made, where fabrics originated from, plus we regularly review our manufacturing methods to ensure ethical and animal friendly processes are practiced.

As we order small quantities and create classic styles with longevity, we are able to almost eliminate any waste garments. This, combined with us producing the highest quality clothing, means our garments last longer, therefore reducing landfill - a fast growing environmental concern for the entire retail market.

We approve our supplier factories for their sustainability, using only UK and European manufacturers, which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and lower emissions. Additionally, we work together to scale down on packaging, wherever possible.


With a factory base across continental Europe, we are well placed in the heartland of high quality, high performance, ethical clothing production. Our partner factories use trusted construction methods and high-end craftsmanship, with attention-to-detail being a given for every garment.

All the UK and European factories we work with adhere to sustainable manufacturing methods and ethical working conditions. We regularly visit the teams that produce our garments, to develop positive long-term relationships with our suppliers. Our strong communication allows us closer control over standards.