The Calm Journey

Founded in 2010, the CALM clothing label was originally created by the Crew à la Mode team to be the ultimate destination for your on board yachting attire, by producing high quality, stylish, performance clothing for luxury yacht clients.

Performance Clothing

Performance technology was key, ensuring capsule clothing not only looked great, its purpose was to perform perfectly when active and at sea. To achieve this we used only the finest fabrics, designed by skilful tailors and talented pattern cutters, we tested our products for the highest standards, and used ethically sourced European fabrics that were durable, comfortable and enhanced with properties such as water and dirt resistance, to name just a few of our fabric’s benefits. We maintain these core values still to this day with every garment tried-and-tested by luxury yacht crew.

On Board and Beyond

Today the CALM brand has expanded to offer more than yachting attire. Our garments now appeal to a wider market – the luxurious, sporty individual who appreciates high quality, timeless style and premium performance wear.

Each CALM collection is intelligently colour-matched, updated each season and designed with comfort in mind. This allows customers to mix and match separates to create their ultimate capsule wardrobe, that can be interchanged over time. Our garments are ideal for on-board adventures and beyond, so customer’s will not only look the part around the marina, they’ll enjoy clothing that performs perfectly when active, travelling or at sea.

Our Sustainable Approach

CALM’s current innovative ranges have derived from being solely premium yachting attire, thanks to advanced technical fabrics and a fresh approach.

CALM is passionate about delivering performance wear in the most eco-friendly way possible. We always consider our ethical responsibility and use sustainable processes in our manufacturing methods. All of CALM’s technical fabrics are developed in trusted European factories, and we’ve built long-term relationships with all our ethical suppliers.