Focus on Fabrics

CALM’s luxury garments are produced to always perform. By focusing on encompassing a high colour tolerance, strong seams and premium quality, durable fabrics, we deliver long-lasting products.

We use advanced fabrics that offer: breathability, dirt-repelling coating, easy-care maintenance, quick-drying properties, eco-friendly manufacturing, plus so much more.

So whether you wear CALM for sport, travel or work, our performance products won’t let you down.

Our Technology

Attention-to-detail combined with innovative, technological fabrics ensures our products stand the test of time, both in terms of design and durability. We collaborate with high quality mills from around the world to develop fabrics and designs that incorporate key performance. All our garments are designed to fit the luxurious lifestyle of an active individual, ensuring our customers look stylish at all times, whilst considering comfort, whatever the weather conditions. In addition to this, all our fabric samples are product tested and undergo a rigorous quality control procedure.

Research & Development

CALM is currently involved in ongoing projects that look to invent and redevelop new fabrics and garments that will hopefully further widen the possibilities for our users. We’re hoping to introduce more advanced technical properties and improve production methods, pushing the boundaries of our industry.